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What Is A "Live Wedding Painting"?

Let's set the stage: you're newly engaged and have hit the ground running with your wedding planning. Your mood board is done, you have an excel spreadsheet breaking down your budget, the guest list has been narrowed and you have finally asked your favorite girls to be your bridesmaids. As you talk through the details of what will be your greatest day, one bridesmaid chimes in "what about a wedding painter?"

What Is A Live Wedding Painter?

That question may set you back a little if you haven't been exposed to the newest vendors in the wedding scene. Live Wedding Painters capture your magical moment in real time on the day of your marriage. We show up with an easel, canvas, pallet, paint and brushes in-tow ready to capture your day in true renaissance fashion. A Live Wedding Painter will see the beauty of all you have planned for your wedding day, and capture it through an artist's eyes, usually with acrylic paint and a stretched canvas as their chosen medium.

Live Wedding Painter in Indiana

What Exactly Do They Paint?

That's up to you! Without question, the bride and groom will be the focal point of the painting, but the pose can range from the first kiss to the first dance. Whether you choose to be captured standing at the alter or laughing with your sweetheart, your painter will be prepared to set the scene on canvas.

Live Wedding Painting in Indiana Church

How Long Does That Take?

Wedding Painters come with different skill sets, so it is important to verify this information with the Wedding Painter that you choose. Typically, Wedding Painters will arrive early in the day to begin painting the background of your ceremony or your reception space, then paint you in your chosen pose after it has occurred. You can expect a wedding painter to be present through both your ceremony and reception, painting and taking in the beauty of your day. While some paintings are finished the evening of the wedding, others may be taken home by the artist to refine. All wedding paintings done by Reece Creative Co. are at least 90% complete by the end of the evening. It is always the goal to send you home with your fished painting, however, in special circumstances we may finish a few details at home and have the painting back to you within 2 weeks - faster than a standard photography package!

Outdoor Live Wedding Painting


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Live Wedding Painter?

You've spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, putting together what will be the largest and most beautiful party you will ever host. There's no question about it, preserving the memory of your day is exceptionally important. Traditionally, that is done through photography and videography, which are absolutely essential. Here are a few benefits that you receive from choosing to have a live painter present at your wedding:

  • Wedding Paintings are fast. They are typically finished the evening of your wedding so you may take home a physical memory immediately.
  • Wedding Paintings are unique. You can have them crafted in a way that captures something that may not actually be there, if you so choose.
  • Wedding Paintings are entertaining. Your guests may take a break from the dance floor to watch the art unfold.
  • Wedding Paintings are interactive. Your guests can contribute to the painting, which makes the piece more sentimental and the interaction fun for guests.
  • Wedding Paintings are timeless. Long before photography existed, paintings of families were hung up in homes. This is a decoration that is ready for display as soon as it's finished and adds an elegant touch to your home!
  • Wedding Paintings may be a surprise. Brides and Grooms typically book their own photographer, but a wedding painter may be an unexpected gift given by a family member or guest that the couple will cherish forever.

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