Choosing Your Live Art: Watercolor Guest Portraits or A Ceremony Scene?

Choosing Your Live Art: Watercolor Guest Portraits or A Ceremony Scene?

So you have decided you'd like an artist to paint live at your wedding (a great decision, if you ask us!) Now you're facing another decision: do I want a painting of myself or of my guests? It happens! We know this can be a struggle to pick between, and we want to help you narrow down this big decision for your big day. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help choose the best live art for you.

1. Are there any other favors that sound exciting to me?
You will have a photographer to capture you on your big day if you choose not to be painted, but do you have another wedding favor lined up if you decide against the guest portraits? If their isn't another option you love, we say go for the guest portraits!

2. Do I have space to hang a canvas in my house?
If you have the perfect place to hang your portrait and a painting matches your home aesthetic, we say don't pass it up! Go for the ceremony painting and pass on the guest paintings.

3. Is there space for a table to paint guests at my reception?
This little detail is sometimes overlooked. An easel for the ceremony painting takes up much less space than a table for guest portraits. Consult with your artist about how much space they will need for either option, and picture it with your floorpan before you decide.

4. Which will my guests appreciate more?
Truthfully, some crowds like being painted more than others. If you can't imagine your guests taking their painting home and putting it in a frame, you may choose to pass on the guest portraits and go for the ceremony painting!

5. What will be more impactful in 50 years?
Will you remember the smiles on your guests' faces when they took home their portraits, or will you look fondly at a timeless painting of yourself and your partner on one of your happiest days?

Whichever you choose, we are happy to help. Let us show you your wedding through an artist's eyes! Contact Us Here to book your live wedding painting.

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